Sourav Ganguly More an Elder Brother and Less a Director For Delhi Capitals

Reported By: Eeron Roy Barman

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Last Updated: March 15, 2023, 22:29 IST

Sourav Ganguly may not have been so busy even when he was the president of the BCCI, the highest post in Indian cricket. However, returning to the cricket field, his engagement has increased several times. Much like the life of a cricketer who hung up his boots 15 years ago.

Same routine. Early in the morning, reach the field and train hard. Until 2008, this was the known schedule of the former India captain, Sourav Ganguly. Returning to the field after a long time, Ganguly is reviving his nostalgia once again.

The role has changed a bit. However, the responsibility has increased a lot even if he does not enter the field with the bat. Earlier, he worked as a mentor for the IPL’s Delhi franchise for a year, but this time Sourav’s role has increased several times.

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Delhi Capitals ‘Director of Cricket’, Sourav, is keeping track of all the details of the DC players in various franchise leagues abroad, not just the men’s IPL but also the Women’s Premier League.

Besides, he is also playing the role of coach before the IPL. Ganguly is involved in the process of making all the cricketers flawless before coach Ricky Ponting arrives.

Manish Pandey, Yash Dhul, and Aman Hakim Khan’s batting technique and match temperament are explained by Sourav.

Sourav is all over Delhi’s practice at the Jadavpur campus ground in Salt Lake. From finding out what kind of food will be provided to the players after practice to what kind of wicket-taking techniques the cricketers will practice on the second day of the camp, he is deciding everything on his own. He is mixing in with the cricketers just as an elder brother would.

He has stored all the information about the current cricketers in his brain. Even, the information about the cricketers who played well for other teams is accounted for.

For once, it will not seem that he has said goodbye to cricket. Sourav is involved in a separate class not just with the batters but also with the bowlers. He is showing Kamlesh Nagarkoti and Khalil Ahmed exactly where to pitch the ball. What is the right mindset to bowl during the match? If you can hit the ball in a specific position, the opposition batsman will be in trouble.

If the bowlers make a mistake, they immediately rush to him. Coldly explaining what to do with an affectionate gesture.

Sourav always keeps an eye on the activities of the cricketers in multiple nets. Even, after practice, the cricketers take special classes from the Prince of Kolkata. sat on the field.

He addresses the cricketers by name and what their individual problem is. And Ganguly even goes as far as to give them the solution to their predicaments.

Delhi cricketers are also excited to have Sourav as a mentor who is more like an elder brother. Ganguly is preparing Delhi cricketers for IPL in the same way as he used to prepare himself during his illustrious cricket career. Sourav wants to give Ponting the best XI.

All in all, Sourav seems more dogged than the Delhi cricketers themselves to win the IPL trophy.

Sourav arrives at the field of Salt Lake Jadavpur Campus from Behala early in the morning. Even after crossing 50, Sourav Ganguly isn’t lacking in energy.

When asked how he is enjoying his new role in the IPL, Sourav says with a smile, “I am doing very well. It is better to return to the cricket field than to any other job. Every moment of my own cricket life comes back to me.”

A few years ago, Sourav had to be admitted to the hospital for a heart problem. But Sourav is fully fit now. Clearly, nothing can be better than returning to the cricket field and for Ganguly, his life expectancy has increased by 10 years as a result.

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