The Ultimate Guide To Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule and Fixtures

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Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule

The schedule for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Qualifier has been delivered, following the affirmation of the 10 groups that will highlight at the occasion facilitated in Zimbabwe from 18 June – 9 July 2023.

Each match will be high stakes, with groups challenging for two spots at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 in India that gives them nine ensured matches at cricket’s ODI worldwide masterpiece.

The 10 groups partaking in the qualifier are parted into two gatherings of five groups. Has Zimbabwe, the West Indies, the Netherlands, Nepal and the US make up Gathering, some time Sri Lanka, Ireland, Scotland, Oman and the Unified Bedouin Emirates structure Gathering B.

Each side will play different groups in their gathering once with the main three from each gathering advancing to the Very Six phase. In the Very Six, they will play the sides they didn’t meet in the gathering stage.

All focuses won in the gathering stage will be extended to the Very Six phase separated from those acquired against the groups that neglect to come to the Very Six phase. The finalists will both advancement to the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023.

Sovereign’s Games Club and Bulawayo Athletic Club in Bulawayo, Harare Sports Club and Takashinga Cricket Club in Harare will share 34 matches between them, with Harare Sports Club organizing the last on 9 July. Old Hararians Cricket Club will likewise have warm-up installations.

Has Zimbabwe will include on the opening matchday at Harare Sports Club against Nepal, who are intending to meet all requirements for the Men’s Cricket World Cup interestingly. Double cross Men’s Cricket World Cup support West Indies will likewise be in real life on 18 June against neighbors USA at Takashinga Cricket Club.

Bunch B starts on 19 June in Bulawayo with 1996 World Cup champions Sri Lanka confronting the UAE at Sovereign’s Games Club, while in the other match at Bulawayo Athletic Club, Ireland will go head to head against Oman.

The Netherlands will open their mission against Zimbabwe on 20 June at Harare Sports Club, while Scotland face rivals Ireland in Bulawayo on 21 June at Sovereigns Sports Club. The Very Six phase will start on 29 June, while the last two groups from each gathering will contend in the Season finisher.

Without precedent for this competition, DRS will be utilized for all matches from the Very Six phase onwards.

The Qualifier is the climax of four years of hard-battled rivalry that unites the last five groups from the ICC Men’s CWC Super Association, three programmed qualifiers from the ICC Men’s CWC Association 2 and two groups who acquired section from the ICC Men’s CWC Qualifier Play-off.

ICC CEO Geoff Allardice said: “The commencement to the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 is entering the last stages and this occasion presents a mind boggling an open door for groups to procure a spot in the zenith occasion of one day cricket. The stakes get no greater in what will be an extremely serious occasion delighted in by fans hoping to see who will join the eight groups that have previously reserved their passes to India.

“With two previous Men’s Cricket World Cup champions among the competitors as well as arising cricket countries who are planning to fit the bill interestingly, this extraordinary occasion, highlighting groups from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe will be a feature of the worldwide game.”

Zimbabwe Cricket Administrator Tavengwa Mukuhlani said: “We are anticipating an extraordinary treat of perfect, engaging and cutthroat cricket, something ensured considering the nature of the groups taking part in the competition.

“Aside from the enchanted that the actual game is promising, this occasion gives us as the hosts a staggering an open door to grandstand the enthusiasm for cricket in Zimbabwe as well as the glow of our kin as well as the stunning magnificence of our nation and its vacation destinations.”

Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule and Fixtures

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